Build Update – 9A. Motorhead.

Motor news you can use! Or at least that we can.


So the motor is at Rainbow Motors and removed the stuff they didn’t need – which is in boxes in the WRX until we get it to the shop in Alliston – and have started to look at it.

The good news: There are over-sized stainless valves (as promised) and I’m sure we’ll get to the bronze guides. Head does indeed look ported and appears to be in good shape, although it still needs to be torn down and checked.

The not as good news: The oil pump is toast and the bearings are worn so the crank is also worn. The cylinders are also scored and need to be bored out.

Next steps: the crank will get torn down more and then ground, they’ll figure out how much bigger the bearings have to make up for the now smaller crank (guess is 101000’s), we’ll figure out how much over bore is required, and then we’ll get into some parts buying. Suggestions and specs are always appreciated, and when we know what we’re going to have done we’ll let all y’all know.


Photo list:

1) Oil pump (check that scoring)

2) Oil pump (more scoring)

3) Timing belt cover (just plastic; think the 91 was missing one and this came from the 95 but regardless, this one has a chunk out of it in the bottom middle)

4) Bearings (score the scoring)

5) Cylinders (score!)

6) Cylinders (you know the score)

7) Block, looking kind of forlorn

8) Crank (like the drug)

9) Crank scoring (don’t tell the cops)

10) Valves/head

11) More

12) Still more – dirty but appear to be in decent shape, at least to the professionals

13) Old engine heaven, aka the shop in Alliston. Not sure why so many engines have suddenly appeared in the junk pile…

IMG_3385 IMG_3384 IMG_3382 IMG_3381 IMG_3380 IMG_3379 IMG_3377  IMG_3373

IMG_3375 IMG_3372IMG_3371 IMG_3369 IMG_3363


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