Climate change

Unsure if this is ‘post LHFR’ or ‘pre-Galway’ (because we aren’t able to do Bear) but we finally did something we thought was worth talking about.

Yes, we finally put in the roof vent. Finally, cooling air and a pressurized cabin are ours! Just check out this high skill install.IMG_3164 image IMG_3166  IMG_3168 image

I guess we could spring for some smaller stickers for the sponsor. Hope they aren’t pissed. No refunds!

Oh, and we also attached the triangles and tools more effectively by pop riveting the velcro to the triangle or tool and then wrapping it around the roll bar. Worked like a charm.

Next up: more cleanup, attempt to modify the collar of the turbo oil line and thermostat housing so they don’t leak and a few other small items plus maybe get to investigating why the front camber is so far off… Stay tuned!

PS – any tips on how to get as much publicity as Doug DeMuro so that we too can afford to write about bringing luxury cars in for warranty repairs? Sadly, ‘spend your time driving the loaner to think of witty ways to complain that it is a Cruze and not an Evoque’ is not currently an option for us.

Although you know we’re just going to turn them into rally car parts and tow vehicles anyhow.


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