Lada 1, Shield 0, or We Blame Glaciation

The test day started early; we were up at…

Ok, so then we hit a big effing rock and split it in half.

Why? Well, you could say after 8 months off the instructions weren’t very good so we came in too fast over some crests into a left downhill with loose gravel where we’d already gone wide once earlier, except this time we went really wide, barely missed a tree/sign,  couldn’t catch it quite in time and skimmed the drivers side into the rock, which stopped us abruptly. Very abruptly. Or you could blame glaciation.

So here it is in pictures:

See those tire marks on the left that go through the ditch? Well, we both got a chance to ride with Ryan and that is NOT the racing line. He’d know, because he’s fast and smooth. This line was not fast and smooth, but it is the one we were on. That led us to here:

That’s when Ross got to come and pull us out. Thanks Ross!

Pulled out, it looked like this:

It has a ‘why have you done this to me’ look puppies give you after a bath, don’t you think? It really doesn’t help in the ‘trying to feel even a bit better about this’ department.

The car wanted to start but apparently thought better of it, so when Andrew brought the trailer we got to push it onto the trailer. Well, someone steered and everyone else pushed. Thanks everyone!

Next up: trail by fire for Andrew to see if we can get it back together for Bear. Oh, and fix the van’s fuel delivery problems. Before the 12th. We’ll see!

PS What did the other guy look like?

Split in half and marked with rattle can paint from the fender we replaced last year. Take that, shield!

In the end, we will stick to blaming glaciation.


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