Late update #2 – Galway Cavendish Forest Rally

This one followed Black Bear, but not quite as closely as these posts would suggest…

So we played this one low key and headed up to Bobcaygeon the night before to enjoy some deep fried fajhita bits and relax at the 3 islands (or lakes, or bays, or something) hotel, where each bed gets 16 pillows. Seriously.

We always like this rally and this year there was an extra bit, which was a quarry gymkhana! Pretty cool, we thought. Plus it didn’t rain hardly at all while we raced and there were water splashes and it was fun. Oh, and we won Prod Sport and came in 10th overall, which we thought was pretty darn good. And then we went home. Best part – apart from the winning/top 10 finish – was that we used Drew’s truck to tow with, and that was pretty sweet even in torrential rain. Nice!

Some pictures/video below.



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