Split yer wig Pt 1 – insure THIS

Yes, we got somewhere. We got the exhaust catted (thanks Andrew) and we installed it (thanks TCS for having bolts). After that we just had to get insurance and a temporary sticker so we could drive it enough to get a clean air. How hard could that be?

(Cue ominous music…)

The plans were set and the call was made to insure this bad boy. Price had already been quoted. All set. Except…

Them: We just need pictures of it because it’s been sitting since you bought it. All four sides and the roof.

Me: What difference does it make if it’s been sitting?

Them: I don’t know but the computer says we need them. So, when you have them, email them to us.

Me: Listen, it’s 30 minutes away and I wanted to do this today. Are you sure you need them?

Them: Sorry, the computer is saying we do.

Me: This sucks.

It’s official, we now work for computers instead of the other way around. They always said it would happen…

So pictures were taken, which involved a 30 minute drive and pushing a reasonably heavy car with very sticky brakes, so I jumped it to move it backwards and video’d it starting just to prove it does.


(Did you see that interior? Pretty sweet, huh?)

So with all that done, pictures were sent and follow-up call made. Go through the process. Then:

Them: Everything sounds good. And you have a safety?

Me: Yes.

Them: What’s the number of the safety? And when was it performed?

Me: (Thinking the number means I can’t just say whatever will make this go faster) Ummm, November 2012 – it’s registered fit

Them: Well, we need one in the last 36 days

Me: Oh for the love of Pete. Why?

Them: The computer says so

Me: But WHY? It’s good enough for the ministry. This makes no sense if you think about it. Why would you care?

Them: Well, it’s been sitting.

Me: And?

Them: Well, it’s in our agreement with (insert insurance company rubbish here that went for a good 5 minutes but meant nothing as far as I could tell) so we have to.

Me: That’s stupid. I’ll call someone else.

Them: Sorry sir, that’s what the computer says we need.

Yeah, that. So we went with another, slightly more expensive but far less annoying option. And then it was insured!

(Next update: more progress!).


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