Build Update – 13. Cage going, more work coming

It’s been almost 3 weeks since the last update so we must have made progress, right?

Well, some of us did. The cage is really close to done and the motor probably is, although we’ll know more when we actually speak to the motor builder. That should happen tomorrow. The turbo and 32mm restrictor were removed from what they were normally attached to and delivered to Rally/Race so we can get them attached together and then inspected/wired. The bushings are starting to go into the sub-frame and the front sub-frame was POR-15’d (which seems to have worked quite well) so things are starting to come together there. But there’s still the impeding time suck of attacking the rebuild, paint, etc. It’ll be fun, but it will also be a lot of work. And probably pictures and stories. There will be blood.

In happier news – pictures!

The gussets and door bars look great.

cage prep 14

The bar in the middle of the X is for the belts. Looks cool also. We’ll have to get that crud off the roof before we paint it…

cage prep 18 cage prep 17 cage prep 16

Looks generally sturdy. That’s good!

cage prep 15

Front subframe (and other stuff in someone’s garage) after POR-15.


The source of impending work: things like this fellow.



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