Build Update – 27A. Quick hits 1

As we are into the crunch this is more of a Twitter feed type update but rather than put it on Twitter it’s going here…although we really should put something on the damn Twitter feed. @rallysputnik

Here’s what we got done so far this week:

  • Installed wiper arms, transmission, blade and motor. And they work! This was probably the highlight of the week – until you’ve had a wiper problem you’ve probably never thought about them, but they’re complex, fragile and hard to find for 23 year old cars.
  • Got quote for insurance. Ouch.
  • Put both doors on and hooked up power (power windows even work! Both sides!)
  • Cut template for door card so we can cut up the last piece of HDPE and make inner door liners
  • Put both fenders on (we would say permanently but really, what rally car has permanent fenders?)
  • Put HDPE fender liner in (drivers side; co-drivers side still to be attached)
  • Put new unsealed headlights in and adapt wiring to make them work
  • Put marker lights in
  • Attached triangles
  • Mounted fire extinguisher (second one still to go in)
  • Figured out location for tool box and jack so we can still fit 2 spare tires and get to fuel pump
  • Wired rally light bar at front and pigtailed into cabin
  • Made a big mess in our shop space

Some pictures are below and we have a bunch of people coming Saturday so we can make some more progress, as the list is still pretty long. Guess we’d better not be too hung over… What does that Caswell guy say – Race Build Party? As long as we keep it in that order we should be fine.

IMG_1837 IMG_1836 IMG_1841



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