More of the joys of tow vehicles

So as you saw, we got the rally van going only to have it break. Which, being the hard-headed bastards we are, caused us to fix it some more. And by fix, I mean make sure we did it right the first time (spark plugs) and hacksaw some hoses apart so we didn’t have to do it the hard/expensive way (leaking rear heater lines). Makes sense, right?

We did all that, and we drove it home. And it worked! Unreal. So we took it to the drive clean guy and he tested it and said he’d call. He didn’t call. We called. It had started smoking during the test.

First question: did it pass?

It did not pass. We got the readings at the tailpipe which were somewhat, well, high, and then there’s the matter of the overheating. Why is it overheating, Mr Mechanic? We don’t know, we just parked it outside. Want me to check the coolant? Please Mr Mechanic!

It needs coolant. Can you come here, bring some coolant, and put it in? Ummm, I think I’m confused now. Am _I_ the mechanic? But neve rmind, I of course have coolant around the place (plus there’s some in the back of the van, along with assorted other vital parts) and free time during a work day (…or not…) and I’ll do it. Yep, it needed about 4L of coolant. No I don’t know why. Yes I’ll take it away now.

This was all last week. This past weekend I got to check it. Steaming when running? Check. Upper rad hose seems ok? Check. All hoses on tight? Check. Hey, wait a minute…

Yeah, that’s not where the fan is supposed to be. At all. And turns out (turns, you gettit?) that on the way off it put a ding in the rad.

Rad damange dude

Yep, kinda like that. So we now have several more steps involved in the clean air test. Like, get replacement rad, install said rad, attach fan more vigirously, purchase and install transmission cooler (why not, we like a challenge), fill everything with coolant, and also purchase and replace catalytic converter so that once it doesn’t overheat it might actually pass the damn clean air test.

And THEN can we work on the race car? Yes, maybe son, maybe.


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