The Joys of tow vehicles

Although sturdy, Astro/Safari vans just suck to work on. Change spark plugs and wires? THREE hours plus zip-tying a wire the the body and they still need double-checking. Water pump? Oh buddy, take a seat and let me tell you about that little beauty. Four hours, on a brand new vehicle, maybe. Took us…well, longer than that at any rate. Oh, and – and– then the rear heater core lines, which had apparently been leaking a little bit are now, thanks to the fully functional heater core, are now peeing car juice. Methinks the rear heater functionality is going the way of the AC – exists on the dial but not so much in terms of actually doing anything. Oh well – the spare tires won’t have climate control options. At least they still have their own stereo controls. Did we mention it was $500?

Next steps: build kludge for leaking heater lines, take wheels off to check spark plugs – seriously – and then try to get it down for drive clean to see what fresh hell that brings.

When do we get to work on the race car?!


(List of engine codes. No transmission codes though!)


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