So yes, we finally have the tow vehicle back. Yes, it was expensive. Hence the title.

Final tally: We had to have the transmission lines replaced (because they rotted under the clamps so when we swapped the rad they cracked), the fan clutch replaced (because the threads stripped when the fan was removing itself from the water pump and going through the rad), the O2 sensor replaced (because it was reading rich), the clean air done for a third time (it passed!), the lower fan shroud zip-tied together (because it cracked on the way off) and for good measure the condenser removed. Don’t ask me why, I just work here. Oh, and the new transmission cooler has a twisted outlet so we should replace that too.

On the plus side it drives nice!

Next steps are to rescue the Lada and the trailer from the barn (when the guy who owns it gets home) and get it up to the shop, then take a look at the next steps. Those will include sorting out the rear suspension and building a new exhaust.

Sadly, we aren’t thinking things look too good for Lanark May 5; combination of time and money on that one. What else? Fingers crossed, but… Stay tuned.

Source of the title: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWU2UUOIJvU


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