Build update – 11. The ‘not quite an update’ update

There’s work happening, but it’s not being done by us.

To continue in our theme of not doing much – boy it’s hot out – the cage is continuing to be built (when the builder isn’t at RallyX, which you could also enter; get details at and the motor continues towards completion. We have ordered some cleanup and paint so that when we’re ready to wash down the engine bay and front subframe we can, and then we’ll paint them. We also have most of the shopping list to make it roll but need to answer a few more questions before we complete the order and then drive to Niagara Falls to get it all.

We should have some more exciting updates in the next few weeks, but if anyone asks you why it takes so long to build a race car it’s probably because it isn’t their full time job. See here for what happens when it is.

Please note 1) trained professionals 2) brand new car (nothing rusted on, needing re-building because it’s 22 years old, etc) 3) access to any part or tool they need 4) 800 hours. That’s 20 weeks of one person full time. Sigh.



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