Build Update – 19. Toilet water’s frozen. Again.

The title refers to the fact that it was a mite chilly at the shop these past few weeks. Despite that, though, we did get some work done.

We still have to action the list of parts (i.e. actually order the damn stuff) and will tackle that shortly. Without a whole whack of parts we couldn’t go too far, but we did get some stuff off the list. Probably the most exciting work was to cut and fit the dash around the cage, which we managed pretty well we think.

IMG_1646 IMG_1643 IMG_1642

We also got the old fuel lines off the car; those seem to be worth replacing.

IMG_1633 IMG_1634

We’ll run the replacement lines through the car and we’ll document all that fun, but the parts list looks like:

 -6AN Braided w/Teflon
Fuel Rail Inlet
Fuel Rail Outlet
 -6AN 90deg BulkHead Fitting
 -6AN Straight Hose End (Teflon)
 -6AN 90deg  Hose End (Teflon)
 -6AN 45 deg (Teflon)
 -6AN 90deg to pushlock hose
 -6AN Male to Male
Inline Filter (-6AN)
Regulator (-6AN)
Fuel Pressure Gauge

We also had some grief to deal with. One was the state of some of the bolts we pulled off and were going to put on. We decided we might have to get rid of some of those.


The other was trying to drill bolts out. That is a huge pain in the ass and almost never works out, but we continue to try. Usually the remainder of the bolt wins.

We also got the front subframe mounted and loc-tited and etc, which was nice to have done as now there are fewer parts lying around loose. It’s amazing how much room car parts take up when they aren’t actually in the car.



Since we didn’t have a lot of things we could do this week we replaced the power steering in the WRX as it had been leaking for a while; brother-in-law Adam in Calgary had one from a wrecker sitting around so he sent it East and it went in yesterday. (This is the same WRX the Juggernaut kids referred to as Princess because we didn’t want to use it for recce lest the exhaust be removed by the Pines roads and they used theirs). Anyhow, that was relatively straightforward and saved us some money…which will probably immediately be spent on Talon parts. Whee!

To that end, the evidence of the leaky PS pump is below. Oh, and is it just us or does this fluid seem racist? (On top of that it’s $13 for 450ml; “normal” stuff is $9.50 for 900 ml. Oh, and “European” fluid is $1 more for 450 ml, so we suspect it’s a “that sure is a fancy car, son” tax, but maybe we’re wrong).

IMG_1692 IMG_1691



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