Build Update – 20. Small Victories Dept.

When we last left our heroes there were a substantial number of Talon parts on the floor and in boxes, waiting for their chance to be attached to a real, gen-u-ine race type car. Well, we’re happy to say that we have removed the unsuitable and the haters (yes we’re talking to you, broken bolts) and are creating a hit parade of classic parts plus only the best new stuff from the 90s and beyond.

Or something like that.

Long time fans of Rally Sputnik (let’s just assume shall we?) will remember perennial favourite crew chief Drew (pictured below at Pines 2012 intently data logging the Lada setup back to Lada HQ). Well, he was back this weekend helping with the Talon build.IMG_0135-1

Also assisting was Brian the firefighter (no picture available so I just used whatever came up on Google but this is how he usually looks). He’ll definitely come in handy when we start the fuel system work.

Anyhow, with all that expert help available how could we not get something done? So get things done is just what we did.

Pictures are below but in case you aren’t caught up with you background research on the 4G63 motor and transmission or the 1G Talon suspension configuration we’ll include words. All the new parts came from RTM this week; all the used ones came from this car or the various DSM forums. Thanks all!

In no particular order we managed to work on the following:

  • Transmission
    • Installed the forged shifter fork
    • Installed new throw-out bearing and retainer clip
    • Installed new breather
  • Engine
    • Sorted out the pulley bolts and in most cases – hopefully all – loc-tited and torqued down to spec even
    • Installed alternator using groovy alternator relocation kit
    • Drilled out two broken bolts from the power steering pump bracket and installed
    • Installed engine support bracket
    • Installed power steering pump
    • Installed new BIS screw in intake manifold
    • Installed new engine mounts
    • Cleaned and checked intercooler for holes; found lots of dirt but no actual holes so will continue to clean up next weekend
    • Test-fitted exhaust manifold (due to other brackets and re-locations we had to grind a bit of the power steering bracket off a bit)
  • Suspension
    • Installed new sway bar link ends (which eventually involved un-bolting the lower control arm and levering and swearing; the swearing probably did it) and then bolted it all back together and torque everything down
  • Brakes
    • Cleaned up the rear calipers and confirmed we need some more bolts so just need to lube them, and we picked up two-pot fronts already
    • Also confirmed we still have the awesome EBC pads and rotors from Paul at HSL Rallysport

Pictures are below. Next up is to get the turbo and O2 housing and exhaust manifold back on, get the clutch and flywheel back in and potentially drop the motor back into the car in the next two weeks! We also have to get the pedal box and dash back in, which will involve a sawzall so that’s probably the most fun. At least we have all the parts now.

We also still need to buy and install a replacement prop haft but we have a line on a super cool one (if you can apply “super cool” to a prop shaft then welcome to our world), plus figure out all the fluid delivery. That means:

  • Coolant (we have all the hoses, in ‘extra horsepower’ blue silicone plus an aluminum rad)
  • Fuel (we have the braided line in silver, all the ends, and a filter and regulator in easy to find red but still need the super cool new RTM in tank sender unit (see note about “super cool” and prop shaft, above) and to make and install the lines)
  • Oil (still working on this – it’ll just kind of travel around in pipes though, so how hard can it be?)
  • Brake fluid (still working on this also as we need to design and build the brake system, essentially – we have a master cylinder but are removing the vacuum assist and re-running the lines inside the car so this is mostly net new also)
  • Electricity (it’s like a liquid, right? Mr. Electrical Hammer is in charge of this)

So that’s more or less the list for the next while. We have a much longer list that involves door cards and skid plates and an exhaust and a windshield but one list at a time.

And now, pictures!

IMG_2105 IMG_2097 IMG_2094

Note alternator re-location bracket and arm. This moves it away from the turbo but as mentioned above means some other things need to be adjusted a bit.


Here are some shots of the suspension. Note processional looking adjustable race car bits and non-professional over-spray. We’ll try to clean that up before it debuts but it’s pretty freaking low on the list.IMG_2101 IMG_2099 IMG_2102

Shot of inside of transmission. New shifter fork!


Finally, this is what you end up with when you’ve got everything off. The oddest thing is that we don’t eat Skippy.



This is a shot of the workspace with all the key tools close to hand.


PS Here are some shots of our multi-borked prop shaft.


This end has no resistance and just hangs.


This hanger bearing has holes through it and no grease. U-joint moves with a snap/click everywhere.


This hanger bearing is also toast.


And you guessed it, this u-joint is as clicky and jerky as his friend.





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